Senior 45cm Dress With fellowship beig and jackets



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    • 46 cm

      Make your doll and turn it into a model, unique and exclusive inspired your main character traits, hair color, hairstyle and eye color elected

      Create your own model of the idealized and turn into a doll.

      Note: doll LookReal are not, in any case, an exact copy or a copy of the hyperrealist model on the basis of which are developed, but artistic interpretation and idealized main features brought to the wrist.


      The sill is not included


      Step 1

      You need 2 photos, one front and another profile. Pay attention to the following details:

      Which Photos you send to create the doll Look Real?

      How to send photos:

      Step 2

      To sign the legal agreement which we will deliver in Diversal when making a query on the wrist Look Real and to fill out the following details tab for your wrist:

      Step 3

      Diversal will send your request for a doll Look real, and your photos and legal permission signed. Within 10 days we will have your doll ready for enviártelo.

      Thanks to 3d technology, HP the cost of these dolls 100% custom will be available for all audiences.

      If you want more information or to make an order for the doll Look Real contact Diversal in electronic or by calling 966 845 176.




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    Senior 45cm Dress With fellowship beig and jackets

    Senior 45cm Dress With fellowship beig and jackets

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