In Diversal you will find the widest catalog of dolls with designation of origin: dolls made 100% in Spain , in Onil, Castalla and Ibi, the heart of the Toy Valley. Collector's dolls and dolls of all time, dolls to play and babies to hug, reborn babies and dolls and dolls with the guarantee and know-how of an artisan tradition that is maintained...

In Diversal you will find the widest catalog of dolls with designation of origin: dolls made 100% in Spain , in Onil, Castalla and Ibi, the heart of the Toy Valley. Collector's dolls and dolls of all time, dolls to play and babies to hug, reborn babies and dolls and dolls with the guarantee and know-how of an artisan tradition that is maintained over time, promoted by new generations of manufacturers. We have the best brands that constantly innovate in their doll collections, and we are delighted to bring them to you. If you love dolls, Diversal is your online store.



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  • Communion dolls


    There are traditions that do not go out of style and that continue to be in force over the years. This is the case with gifts for children and, in particular, with communion dolls , which continue to make girls and boys very excited. When we consider what to give in First Communion, certain gifts always appear as unavoidable options. Remembering such a special day for children and their parents through a toy that they can interact with is always a good idea.


    Undoubtedly, today it is much easier than ever to buy communion dolls; Gone are the days when we only had access to a few models. Now, Diversal offers you the most beautiful communion dolls, with the sweetest communion dresses and the best doll-makers of the Onil Valley: Muñecas Arias, Berbesa or Paola Reina are just some of the brands that continue to keep very alive. the tradition of communion dolls.

    Quality and design coexist in these adorable dolls, which are one of the best communion gifts for girls .

    The dresses with which this type of dolls are dressed are made with great detail; They are miniature communion dresses, with an exquisite design, complemented with lace, interdos and hemlines, in the most classic models, and cape cuts in polyester fabrics combined with guipure in the most modern dresses.

    Organza, organza, tulle, satin or plumetti, are all fabrics with which to shape wonderful dresses for original communion dolls.

    Among the details that adorn the dolls, we find knitted cardigans, bows, medallions and alms.

    We can find blonde, brunette or chestnut communion dolls, and of different sizes, from 28 to 42 cm. Prices vary depending on their characteristics, but all those that Diversal offers you are an excellent option and a guarantee of quality from Alicante manufacturers.


    Some dolls have become part of popular memory; either because of their success over the years, or because of their special characteristics, which make them distinctive and highly recognizable. We know them by their own name and although we are not specialists in dolls, if we have played with them or have had children around, it is certain that they will bring us beautiful memories: Nancy or Mariquita Pérez are some of those dolls that are part of the collective imagination, and they look also precious as reissues of dolls dressed in communion .


    The Nancy communion doll is one of the First Communion dolls that cannot be missing both on the shelves of doll collectors and in the rooms of girls who enjoy the classic Famosa doll. Reissues and new launches of the brand are always expected and acclaimed by its followers. On this occasion, Nancy dressed in communion could not disappoint either.

    Lesly, her little sister, is also another communion doll that all girls like.


    Every season, the Spanish manufacturers of the Onil Valley publish new models in their catalog; Among the communion dolls 2020 there are novelties such as touches of color in dresses and more natural-looking fabrics, such as linen. If there is something that has not changed, it is that dolls with mechanism are still very popular; many of them have voices and recite some verses or have a small candle in their hand that lights up.

    And when we talk about playing and remembering the day of First Communion, we also do not forget the children, the existing children's models are also a delight, such as those created by Paola Reina. Juanín Pérez also dresses in a sailor suit on a communion doll.


    To keep the memory of the day of First Communion even more faithful, we have the option of customizing the communion doll to the maximum, with features similar to those of the girl we are going to surprise and with a replica of the dress that she will wear in the day of his First Communion. If we have a little ease with the needles, It is possible to imitate the style of the communion dress, or to order its preparation, and make a detail for the hair, be it a flower headdress, a diadem or a crown, as similar as possible to the one the girl will wear. You also have the option of buying the communion dress separately, you will find it in the category of accessories for dolls . Diversal offers you the entire collection of Las Amigas de Paola Reina dolls, a wide assortment among which it is possible to find different types of hair, with varied haircuts and colors, and whose patterns also differentiate the features according to ethnicity and skin tones. The Friends of Paola Reina are delicate and precious, an excellent base, since they are sold without wardrobe, to be able to customize the details of the communion doll to the maximum and turn it into one of the best communion memories .



  • Llorens
  • Paola Reina

    Paola Reina dolls are highly appreciated all over the world, both by children and by collectors. The secret of their success lies in the precious sculptor molds, their different hair tones and their outfits. Las Amigas, Las Reinas and Las Gorjuss are just some examples of her delicate and beautiful work. 100% Onil.

  • Mariquita Perez

    Mariquita Pérez, the quintessential Spanish doll, was created in 1938, and is considered the best doll made in Spain. Its high quality and the richness of its details make it a benchmark within the sector. Her career has led her to the current Mariquita Pérez, which combines tradition and current affairs.

  • Antonio Juan
  • Dressed in Blue

    La delicadeza con que están hechas las muñecas "Vestida de Azul" se refleja en el trabajo final que se descubre al destapar sus preciosas cajitas del color del mar. No en vano las preciosas Carlota y Paulina son un éxito en toda Europa. Los bebés Dylan y Olivia, así como los vestidos y complementos, están cuidados hasta el último detalle. 


    La perfecta combinación de innovación y artesanía. Nines Artesanals D'Onil lleva más de 30 años en el sector, y ha conseguido que sus productos se vendan en el mundo entero, llevando por bandera la calidad y la ilusión. Muñecos como los Pepotes o los Golosinas son un ejemplo de su éxito internacional. 

  • Doll Asi

    No less than 75 years of experience endorse a mythical firm, which remains faithful to the spirit that saw it born. Dolls of all sizes, from the small Bomboncín, a 20-centimeter creation, to the impressive Pepas, which measure 57, all with impressive quality and attention to detail. Its entire catalog is worth seeing.

  • Dolls Arias

    Muñecas de calidad, 100% hechas en Alicante. Tradición juguetera desde hace más de tres décadas. Bebés, reborns, comunión, carritos, cunas, sombrillas y accesorios. 

  • Elves Pep Directions

    The magical world of fairies, elves, shamans, witches and goblins can be seen through the eyes of Pep Catalá. Each character tells a story. Celtic fairies, gnomes and gods take us by their hand to mythical places.

  • Berbesa Doll

    With more than forty years in the sector, Berbesa, SL is a company dedicated mainly to the manufacture of traditional style dolls, characterized by having a wide range of dolls of different styles for various ages, always taking care of all kinds of details with the highest quality materials and safety guarantee.


    D'NENES DISEÑO is a Spanish company that manufactures handmade dolls in the Alicante town of Onil.

    In its product catalog you can find a variety of models made of vinyl, dolls and babies with different sizes. Also, within its collection, D'NENES has developed a line of clothing and accessories for dolls, from dresses and shoes to cribs, sheets, mattresses and small baskets.

    Dolls of careful quality and careful manufacturing that make girls, older and collectors sigh in general.

  • Miniland Educational

    Miniland Educational has a wide and varied offer of didactic, playful and fun toys with a marked educational, training and evolutionary component . Its objective is that the toys are useful for both parents and educators in the task of educating children from 0 to 14 years old.

  • Famous

    To say "Famous" is to say "Doll". Since 1957, Famosa dolls have brought the illusion to homes around the world. Its flagship product, Nancy de Famosa, is now 50 years old. Pinypon, Barriguitas, Nenuco, current Nancy and the much appreciated reissues of Famosa are just some examples of its commercial success.

  • Magic baby

    Magic Baby dolls are unmistakable. Their gestures and bodies, as well as their clothes and accessories make them unique and inimitable. They are very peculiar dolls with a unique expression and character.

  • Berenguer Boutique

    Berenguer Boutique es una de las líneas de la histórica firma Berenguer, que logra plasmar la gran calidad de su trabajo en unos rostros bellamente esculpidos y con gran cantidad de detalles. Muñecos como La Newborn, reflejan la ternura de los bebés en distintos gestos y etnias. Para niños y mayores, sin duda el mejor regalo. 

  • Tyber
  • Falca

    Falca is a family doll industry with a history of more than 50 years. What initially began as an artisan workshop today is a large company specialized in the manufacture of dolls, a process that continues to be almost handmade. It has characteristic products such as babies, speakers, pee ...

  • Honey Bee

    Like Mariquita Pérez, Miel de Abeja is a brand that is distinguished by the quality and finish of its dolls, as well as its dresses, shoes and accessories.

  • Doll Bombon

    La muñeca Bombón nace en 1954 en Madrid y el año 2017 es el de su renacimiento en forma de reedición. Bombón está fabricada en vinilo lacado y está 100% fabricada en España.

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