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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

28 cm

LOVE. At the time that the Kingdom of Dagda stretched over the hills of Ireland, Angus, Prince of the elves, fell in love with several of the unusual circumstances... the night while he slept, Angus dreamed that he felt the freshness of silk and breathed the smell of Apple flowers. He saw, to receive the light next to his bed and to form a luminous column, which flapped and flickered, and finally took the form of women. This woman, to Fall, called Angus by name, and touched the lute melody, seductive. After the last notes of music faded, he was gone. Since then, Angus has not stopped looking for her through the entire Kingdom, even leaving his food and drink. Finally, one day discovered, but found to Fall lived a year in the shape of a Swan, and another year under the human form. The love was so strong that Angus decided to become a Swan, to be able to live with his beloved Fall. If halagáis you are guaranteed eternal love to your loved one.

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