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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

28 cm

HEALTH, IMPROVES THE PHYSICAL CONDITION. Day, the Dagda was the victim of a spell, and was to death's door within forty days. He desperately searched for a means of true healing, but, unfortunately, nothing helped. The whole world is crying for the loss of such a great and beloved Lord while the person who answered by the name of mush, he came to the castle and assured power to heal the king, using tools that are made from plants because he knows the secret of all of them. In the extreme case, forced him to go in the bed of the king, promising him immortal life of the elves, if you managed to save him. Prepared medication and remained near Dagda in bed for three days and three nights in the end won by a deadly disease and this is how he turned into a Elf eternal. You're sick,... contentad to mush and you will be cured .

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