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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

28 cm

GALANTEO TO MARRIAGE PROBLEMS. “How much do you spend on this charm. Buy and never repares price, and panting from the ecstasy delivery of everything you were or could be.” All Goblins are considered as a great compliment that you can offer them one pink a knot made in the stem, and if you ever tried to do the same, you'll understand why. Some elves prefer to go the easier way, and you say, rose, that expand, it is also what convinced, poor flower, that the sun moves, drawing intricate circles; this little trap, however, is acceptable and goblins have the means to find out if her Beau has made it. Failure of the applicant occurs when the elf short node and returns the flower. “Sometimes one item is worth one million and one opinion of a thousand words”. .

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