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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

28 cm

PROTECTING YOUR HOME AND FAMILY. This kind geniecillos stretched around the shores of the Mediterranean. It is believed that, initially, all follets lived in a densely populated and beautiful cities, built under dolmens, using his strength and energy. In the further decline of these cities élficas began their rapprochement with the man. Joyful and fun, don't know the owner and conduct a well-concerned women during spin, damaging blood vessels, houses and throwing items on the floor. Have a special penchant for female and quite a Hamam for women. There's a chance that will change your course of action and leaving for a few naughty has become an effective and skilled employees at home. For this we have to tolerate his antics and become friends. Put it in any corner of your home and protejerá.

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