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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

38 cm

ORIENTATION, TO IMPROVE OUR FATE.In Saudi Arabia, everyone knows the story of the elf caravan, Mahmoud. Legend has it that a long time ago, a large caravan of thousands of camels through the Desert of Arabia, when, suddenly, great, a sand storm attacked him. As the days passed and the storm did not stop, the caravan leader decided that they should follow the path or they would be left with no provisions, however, the storm is not allowed to look at the sun and it was impossible to follow. Mahmoud that was hidden in the knapsack of one of the camels, and he did not want to see the death of that poor people, decided them, he sat in the first of the camels of the caravan and hidden among the bag, was a reference to camels in the way forward, the others followed. It'll make a compass of your life... so you could always choose a better path.

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