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Bebe Reborn Alexandria

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This beautiful newborn is a model of elegance, made of art. With 45 inches in length and a little less than two kilos, Alexandria is soft, made reborn. His face is fine fraction is very realistic, with it half open and wet mouth closed. Their small hands and feet show every detail, every nail. It is impossible to distinguish it from the real child. Has the weight and drop the same as a newborn. In their mechanics, fits the finger of an adult. It seems that he caught! The other is a fist, and both cease to see all the lines on the hand of a child really. Be dressed in a beautiful bodysuit from the star that suggests the diaper and goes to the cap and patucos in the game. Every little vein, every detail of the pinkish skin is presented in its small body. Includes Lullaby of the stars in fabric polar extrasuave, and also includes a birth certificate, numbered limited edition. Elegantly presented for gift giving.

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