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    First readers, this collection of stories will be directed, on the one hand, a taste for reading, and on the other, to work in the area of the cross section, labeling the law "on education" at the moment: education, health, environment, moral and civic education, peace education, education in the field of road safety, consumption, gender equality, etc. the collection is complimented by free download entertainment reader website: technical passport collection: 20 x 20 cms / 28 geometry. Color /Text to uppercase and lowercase /ecological Paper ECF Sewing clamp / vegetable Ink

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    Efforts in conjunction with Sieteleguas Publications LLC and Miniland JSC, realized in an Alliance of mutual cooperation, established in 2007, has led an interesting and innovative program of releases in 2009, focused on the axis of " culture-education-leisure.

  • Kamishibai A3

    Kamishibai means ”paper Theatre” and is a very popular way for centuries, telling stories in Japan. Kamishibai in the audience. Their features and form submission to help get the magic effect and concentration in the environment of the tale.

    Reading in the Kamishibai produced by placing the plates on a small stand, slot teatrillo, face to the audience and slide the sheets one by one when you read the text. The leaves have a drawing in full color on one side and text on the other.

    The interpreter is close to teatrillo, face to the audience and introduces the story using your own voice. The translator's role is knowledge and connect with the world's history, and to convey to his audience through the settings with her and sharing the feelings and emotions that the author gave the story. Storytellers can be adults or, as appropriate, of children can cooperate in pairs, as one reads, the other can go by the film. The movement of plates makes it swing constantly attention and emotions between the anticipation of what will come, and the stability of the present, contribute to a concentration of history.

    Children walk in a group on a play in which all can scream in fear or laugh with renewed vigor. This predisposes the same feeling the feeling of the group and enjoy together.

    In Kamishibai Sieteleguas Releases / Minilandrepresents texts in ten different languages, possibility to use in the classroom, foreign languages, themed, usually based on tales in the oral traditions of other peoples and cultures, they were collected from these cultures the authors that worked with the structure Kamishibai.

    Scenes tales based on values like: Cooperation - Love - adventures - Helping others - personal Responsibility - caring for animals - Perseverance - Compassion - self-Acceptance - the unintended Consequences - Generosity - Imagination

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